wonder if it comes today

We all like shiny lights, thats why you’re reading this post and why you’re going to press play on at least one or two of the below tracks. Thus, the above picture. I Googled for “shiny club lights” and there ya go!

I decided to spend a whopping half hour scouring a few of my favourite blogs and put together a few tracks that stood out. You may have heard a few or all, but oh well. The Adam K / Soha Remix is unbelievable, just… WOW!


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seasons night!

I again, haven’t posted on here in forever. Mainly because posting MP3s to the server takes forever from my home connection. However, yesterday they more than doubled my speed. I figured it was time to give it another go!

I’m heading to the Calvin Harris / Laidback Luke / Felguk / Lazy Rich show tonight at the Vancouver Convention Center… should be fun fun fun!

Here’s some random tracks from the top of my iTunes, enjoy!

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I’m in Torontoooooo recovering from a wild hangover and getting ready to head out tonight to see Felix Cartel at The Social and Chuckie/Sidney Samson at Guvernment. Never been to either club, so should be fun! Went to the brunny last night, a “Roxy” equivelant (so I’ve been told) and … from what I remember, had a great time and met lots of cool people!! Here’s an extremely random assortment of a few tracks.

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Hood Internet and Metric made a baby.

I found this track this morning, more of a series of tracks in a mashup/remix. Fantastic.

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a casual halloween aftermath

You know you’re in for a good weekend when it’s planned out on in a flow chart? Halloween was pretty great, here’s some random tracks from myTunes over the past week or so. Enjoy. Continue reading

Casual Saturday

Last night was Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki at Celebrities. Therefore, I’m somewhat in recovery mode this evening and felt a post was in order.

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hipsters and haitians

This weekend I’ve been checking out Montréal, visiting friends, etc. It’s a pretty cool city, SO different from Vancouver! The taxi drivers are all Haitian, and hate anyone that doesn’t speak english. Everyone else has been SUPER pleasant and we had a blast last night at The Belmont for The XX Afterparty! Continue reading


Here’s a few tracks from the good ‘ol “Recently Added” on my iTunes. I especially like the Tegan and Sara mix at the end, and the Alice Deejay remix. Make sure to check them out, amongst these other gems that I have stumbled across in the past couple weeks. Enjoy. Continue reading

I like that.

a wise man once said, “only punters wear glowsticks”

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What’s buried underneath?

The District Sleeps Alone by The Postal Service is a long time favourite of mine. It takes me back a few years, is a great calm track and always had the potential for great remix. I came across this Dubstep mix of it today, and while not a huge Dub fan, was impressed with its gentle integration with a classic. Check it, and these other tracks out :)

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crankworxxx = mess

I’ve been failing at the whole posting thing as usual… SORRY!

Here are a few tracks at the top of my iTunes recently added that I’ve been feeling lately… Messy night at CRANKWORX, this is a piece of our soundtrack!

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Venue 1 Year Anniversary!

Happy Birthday VENUE!!!

If you’re around Vancouver this Thursday July 29th be sure to check out VENUE for the hottest industry centric party of the year. A huge shout out to @IAMRUBY and @BLUEPRINTEVENTS for keepin the party goin’ every weekend!

There are limited tickets available on Clubzone.com (Click Here)

Here’s a round up of some of the latest tracks I’ve stumbled across on the internets. Hope you enjoy!

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Gary the dog does Calgary

I’ve failed miserably at posting lately because I went to the Calgary Stampede this past weekend. Gary was a good friend while we were in Calgary, but got left on the side of the road somewhere in the rocky mountains after taking up WAY too much room in the car. Up side to this is that I have been hoarding music for a while… Enjoi.

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Impaired Boating is Impaired Driving #FTW

I figured that it’s been about a week since I did a post, so my iTunes is nice and full of new tracks for y’all.

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Happy Birthday Canada!!!

Canada greatest country in the world
all other countries are run by little girls
Canada number one exporter of potassium
other countries have inferior potassium


Woke up this morning with a bunch of new music somehow on my iTunes…. Thanks B.G. Thought we’d share…

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I’m backkk

So we needed a little break to get a sunburn, do some waterskiing, tubing, swimming, jetski riding, etc… Not to mention drinking the WHOLE time…

BUT we’re back.

Here’s a few tracks to get you goin, I’ll try to do a good weekend post Saturday while nursing my hangover.

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Like OMG, Baby… SKI HARD!

We’ve got a few new tracks, remixes and a summer mashup from DJ Earworm.

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The Reward is Some Satisfying Chords, etc.

These days where everyone is a DJ, you can’t just throw two songs together.. no, you need AT LEAST three. Well, take three big bangers by two huge DJs and you get the titular masterpiece by Steep. Take a listen, you’ll like it.

Another insane song I found on soundcloud is Stand Up (Meth Smoke Remix) by Grimblee. Check him out @ http://soundcloud.com/grimblee and definitely check out the track below.

Finally tossed up a few tracks in my playlist for the day. Enjoy.

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Even though it’s depressinly rainy and shitty in Vancouver, the summer music seems to be spewing and I’m finding new tracks every day… Feelin’ a few from last night’s batch that I thought I’d throw up for y’all.

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You’ve Got The Dirtee Love ~ Florence + The Machine • Dizzee Rascal

Cool mashup! This was sent in by Nicola K!- Thanks!

Boys Noizeeee recovery music findings

This past weekend was pretty fun filled, went to see Boys Noize at The Commodore on Friday, sandwiched in between visits to VENUE and followed with a trip up the stairs  to Gorgamish… Hours of dancing for all.

A laid back Sunday ended up turning into a search for new music, a fruitful search it turned out to be… 8-)

Check out the new hits after the break, comment if you’re a reader, would love some feedback!!! Continue reading

Losing My Religion

I used to listen to REM all the time, so when I saw this it instantly grabbed my attention. Check ‘er out!

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Gastown, the new hood.

I’ve got myself setup in a new office in Gastown, loving the atmosphere around here and the space is sweet. You can expect more frequent updates as I’ve got a crazy internet connection that takes about 2 seconds to upload a song. Also switched hosting for the uploads over to the Amazon S3 so everything should be fast to download or listen to.

Here’s a few tracks that I found over the weekend, enjoy.

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Birthday/Easter Weekend Party Time!!!

Two of my great friends have their birthdays this weekend… After a month of hiding from downtown after the 2010 Olympics, I figured it was time to catch up on some partying and break out some new tracks from the interwebs… This is a pretty diverse mix of hip-hop/mashup/electro-dance so check it out and let me know what you think.

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2010 Olympics – Some new tracks.

Yet again, it has been a while since I’ve had time to update the blog. I’ve got a few new tracks that I’m really enjoying, and thought you may as well. Check them out, party hard, it is going to be a crazyyy couple weeks!!! Continue reading

Top 25 – Mashup 2010 – DJ Earworm

nye2010Here is a mashup from DJ Earworm of the top 25 songs from 2010! Not of the usual sound for SAJW but a pretty cool mix.


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Let’s get ravey… La Roux, Chromeo, Crookers, etc…


It’s time for an update with some great tracks and remixes… just in time for the weekend!

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I Remember a Celebrity Overnight…


This was just random, so I felt it necessary to post.

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Wrapping up the weekend.

after the sunday mess

This weekend was a messy one, and a good Sunday internet sesh was in order to round up some new to me, and new in general tracks. Check it out…

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Today is gonna be the day. That they’re gonna throw it back to you.


Here’s a couple mixes of a classic…

Today is gonna be the day
That they’re gonna throw it back to you
By now you should’ve somehow
Realized what you gotta do
I don’t believe that anybody
Feels the way I do about you now
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OceanLab vs. Gareth Emery


This track by OceanLab (presented by Above and Beyond) was included in A State Of Trance 428 on October 29. I think this was the most progressive track in the episode for me, so I thought I’d share.

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Deadmau5 vs. David Guetta – DJ AFX

Knock You Out

A catchy new remix from DJ AFX!

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Mashups from…. DJ Hero?


So DJ Hero is like guitar hero but you act as a DJ. Personally I think it looks kinda dumb, but there ARE some good mixes included in the game. Two of better mashups are included below, and are surprisingly good.
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Lil’ Wayne vs. The Bloody Beetroots – We Are From Venice/Lollipop

2zh39n4This is a sick new remix from The Hood Internet with Lil Wayne and Bloody Beetroots… Way to start a Monday off right!

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Some Morning Mashups and Mixes

Nothing new here, but here’s a couple songs I was listening to this morning and thought I’d throw up. Got some Deadmau5 vs. MSTRKRFT, Wale vs. Justice, and a HQ mp3 version of the Black Noise video posted a few days ago. Continue reading

Deadmau5 – Ghosts N Da Ayre (Donald Glaude and Ross.FM’s Mashup)

Well… This is the most random song ever, so it had to go up. It’s decently catchy too… Partyin’ to the A..M…… Ayreeee

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DJ Earworm – If I Were a Free Fallin’ Boy (Beyonce vs. Tom Petty)

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Crookers – Put Your Hands On Me Feat. Kardinal Offishall & Carla-Marie (Solo Remix)

Wow! This is a pretty crazy mix that feels like a mix of Drum/Bass, Island Beat and Hip Hop.

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Purple Ribbon All Stars vs. David Guetta – Kryptonite is Gone (DallasK Mix)

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