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Well, its been AGES since I posted anything up here, but… I went cruising the internets this afternoon and found a few gems that I had to share. Enjoy. Maybe I’ll start posting here again with summer around the corner. Adventure Club – Wait [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Zedd – Spectrum (Ft. [...]

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We all like shiny lights, thats why you’re reading this post and why you’re going to press play on at least one or two of the below tracks. Thus, the above picture. I Googled for “shiny club lights” and there ya go! I decided to spend a whopping half hour scouring a few of my [...]

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I again, haven’t posted on here in forever. Mainly because posting MP3s to the server takes forever from my home connection. However, yesterday they more than doubled my speed. I figured it was time to give it another go! I’m heading to the Calvin Harris / Laidback Luke / Felguk / Lazy Rich show tonight [...]


Yes, it has been a very long time since i’ve posted on here. I’m sorry, hopefully you all still find a place for me in your itunes libraries The main reason being that when I’m at home, uploading takes forever (1mbps), and when I’m at work (100mbps) I don’t have time to post. Anyways, here [...]

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I’m in Torontoooooo recovering from a wild hangover and getting ready to head out tonight to see Felix Cartel at The Social and Chuckie/Sidney Samson at Guvernment. Never been to either club, so should be fun! Went to the brunny last night, a “Roxy” equivelant (so I’ve been told) and … from what I remember, [...]

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You know you’re in for a good weekend when it’s planned out on in a flow chart? Halloween was pretty great, here’s some random tracks from myTunes over the past week or so. Enjoy. [ female ingestion of viagra | buy viagra internet | sildenafil citrate voltammetry | buy viagra pills | viagra generic availability [...]

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Last night was Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki at Celebrities. Therefore, I’m somewhat in recovery mode this evening and felt a post was in order. I’ve found a few tracks in the past week that I’m really into, hope you like them! [ buying viagra in the us | canadain viagra india | levitra viagra [...]


This weekend I’ve been checking out MontrĂ©al, visiting friends, etc. It’s a pretty cool city, SO different from Vancouver! The taxi drivers are all Haitian, and hate anyone that doesn’t speak english. Everyone else has been SUPER pleasant and we had a blast last night at The Belmont for The XX Afterparty! [ cialis dosage [...]

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Two nights so back to back, you’d think I was bored or something. Sooooo not the case, just in a sharing mood perhaps. Enjoy these tracks, some new, some old but fabulous. Ahh Home. Let me come home Home is wherever I’m with you. Ahh Home. Let me go ho-oh-ome. Home is wherever I’m with [...]

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Here’s a few tracks from the good ‘ol “Recently Added” on my iTunes. I especially like the Tegan and Sara mix at the end, and the Alice Deejay remix. Make sure to check them out, amongst these other gems that I have stumbled across in the past couple weeks. Enjoy. [ cialis 100 mg | [...]


Kim Fai from the UK is coming to Celebrities Nightclub in Vancouver, BC tomorrow Friday September 10, 2010! Tickets online: [ viagra ingredients | viagra cheap canada | get online viagra | statistics on viagra | cheapest sildenafil citrate | buy viagra in uk | cheap viagra | indian sildenafil citrate | how [...]

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The District Sleeps Alone by The Postal Service is a long time favourite of mine. It takes me back a few years, is a great calm track and always had the potential for great remix. I came across this Dubstep mix of it today, and while not a huge Dub fan, was impressed with its [...]

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I’ve been failing at the whole posting thing as usual… SORRY! Here are a few tracks at the top of my iTunes recently added that I’ve been feeling lately… Messy night at CRANKWORX, this is a piece of our soundtrack! [ female ingestion viagra | viagra discount | viagra sales canada | cialis alternatives no [...]


Happy Birthday VENUE!!! If you’re around Vancouver this Thursday July 29th be sure to check out VENUE for the hottest industry centric party of the year. A huge shout out to @IAMRUBY and @BLUEPRINTEVENTS for keepin the party goin’ every weekend! There are limited tickets available on (Click Here) Here’s a round up of [...]


So Nero is playing a show tomorrow, sunday night, at Venue. Together with LA Riots I’m positive this is going to be an amazing show. Everyone should know who Nero is, but I’ve posted some of my favorite tracks up to get in the mood for the show! Tickets are still available HERE and they’re [...]

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I’ve failed miserably at posting lately because I went to the Calgary Stampede this past weekend. Gary was a good friend while we were in Calgary, but got left on the side of the road somewhere in the rocky mountains after taking up WAY too much room in the car. Up side to this is [...]

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My Interwebs are seriously slow so I can’t upload shit. At least I can still link! Just posting a video link, because the song is awesome and the video is hilarious. It’s Meow Meow by High Rankin. [ viagra cream | active ingredient in viagra | heart attack viagra | best price for generic cialis [...]

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I figured that it’s been about a week since I did a post, so my iTunes is nice and full of new tracks for y’all. [ viagra results | how can i get some cialis | how much is cialis in canada | best price viagra | buy viagra in england | adverse side effects [...]

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Dubstep is pretty big globally right now, but I hadn’t heard much coming out of Asia until I found Ajapai from Tokyo, Japan! His Mobilized EP just dropped a couple days ago on Beatport and it’s pretty dope, I’d recommend any Dubstep fans to check it out. Interesting tracks for sure, this guys got some [...]

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So I listen to a lot of new artists daily, but group that’s really piqued my curiosity lately has been Slum Dogz, a rather new collaboration between DJ Swan-E, Krafty MC and the increasingly popular Doctor P. While they started out making DnB there’s quite a few tracks right now just waiting to be released. [...]

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So this isn’t all that new but it’s new to me! A friend of mine just introduced me to The Upbeats, which are a duo from New Zealand making some awesome DnB and now progressing into Dubstep. Posted below are a few tracks from their recent album Big Skeleton, released in November on Non-Vogue records. [...]

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UK Dubstep producer EMALKAY is coming to play a show here in Vancouver on Sunday July 11th. Gonna be a sick show, Celebrities has a terrific sound system for dubstep. I’m sure everyone has heard his track When I Look at You by now, but I’ve put it up with a few more tracks below [...]

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It’s been a slow Sunday… Listening to some random tracks that don’t make me want to start partying again. A couple of these have been around for a while, I know, and do not care. KayThx <3 [ viagra facts uk | buy cialis | how much cialis | buying viagra online cheap us | [...]

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Now usually I don’t like to make a post directly in response to something I saw blogged, but I was checking Squitty Bubbler this morning and found Horse Force. After laughing my ass off at his MySpace description and being slightly disturbed by his awesome images, I listened to his newest Dubstep track and was [...]


Israeli producer Borgore is playing a show in downtown Vancouver tomorrow at Shine nightclub! Not a usual venue for me, but for this show it’s gonna be dope. Borgore has essentially made up his own style, referred to as Gorestep. It’s like Dubstep, but so incredibly filthy due to his heavy metal influence (he’s also [...]

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North Vancouver’s own DJ Rob Paul is back with a new track to shake up the dance floor… Ladies and Gentlemen, turn up your speakers, cause this one is a BANGER! [ cheap viagra | mapuche viagra | canadian viagra 50mg | generic viagra soft tabs | generic money order viagra | find viagra [...]

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Afrojack is coming to Vancouver tomorrow… Event details here Here’s a couple tracks by him, and and one by Normal Doray & David Tort that I thought was pretty good. [ viagra st | viagra affiliate | cheap cialis levitracom viagra | get cialis online | viagra china | brand viagra without prescription buy | [...]

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Woke up this morning with a bunch of new music somehow on my iTunes…. Thanks B.G. Thought we’d share… [ how to get cialis no prescription | viagra online sales | cialis on line pricing in canada | buy viagra woman | viagra in canada pfizer | viagra online sales | viagra premature | how [...]

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Well after a weekend (It was midweek, but damn it I’ll call it a weekend!) of drinking and goodtimes I’m back, back to bring you the latest and best music I can find in my daily travels of the internet. I like a lot of dubstep, but as a general rule, dubstep remixes of non [...]

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So we needed a little break to get a sunburn, do some waterskiing, tubing, swimming, jetski riding, etc… Not to mention drinking the WHOLE time… BUT we’re back. Here’s a few tracks to get you goin, I’ll try to do a good weekend post Saturday while nursing my hangover. [ cheap less viagra | us [...]

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So I’m leaving for a few days (no new posts until Thursday!), and thought I’d make one last update, something different for a Saturday afternoon While they are both sorta Dubstep, they’re both veryy different. The first track, Breathe Me by Sia is an excellent chill track to listen to, even if you don’t like [...]

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Obviously I love Dubstep (as should be fairly apparent from anyone who reads my posts) and I’ve heard so much coming out of the UK, but lately I’ve been trying to expand my horizons and find good Dubstep artists worldwide. There’s a lot of talent out there, you just gotta find it. So to start [...]

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We’ve got a few new tracks, remixes and a summer mashup from DJ Earworm. [ cialis by mail | cyalis levitra sales viagra | buy pfizer viagra in canada | women use viagra | free herbal viagra samples | cialis and levitra | performance anxiety viagra | viagra samples | online viagra gel to buy [...]

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OK so I just stumbled across Boards of Canada, Deadmau5 released a remix of their “Kiteracer 2″ track less than 45 minutes ago. SICK super chill music. Boards of Canada MySpace: [ recreational viagra | viagra premature | overnight canadian viagra | viagra discount | discount generic viagra | cialis philippines | herbal viagra [...]

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The Sexinvaders are a duo from Berlin who just sent over this awesome bootleg of Boys Noize’s recent release Kontact Me. The original is pretty dope but their mix and the added synth really adds something to the track. I’d love to hear this dropped in the clubs, would sound amazing! [ how to get [...]

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So yeah, I know I said I don’t like throwing up mixtapes usually, but one so good and full of fresh tunes can’t be ignored. Inspector Dubplate brings us The Moustache Mixtape There’s some damn good exclusive and newer tracks on here, not all the same regurgitated tracks like many dubstep mixtapes out there (excellent [...]

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If you’re brave enough to click on this post after seeing that picture… props. This track came on the other night and was pretty epic at the club, thought I’d share… [ when did viagra come out | get viagra fast | get cialis online | viagra professional | canada viagra generic | cialis online [...]

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This Tuesday, June the 8th, there’s going to be a Dubstep show at The Cellar nightclub on Granville St. The show features Sub Antix, a very talented Dubstep producer from right here in Vancouver! Tickets are $10 at the door so why not go dance the night away… it is a Tuesday afterall! [ levitra [...]

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These days where everyone is a DJ, you can’t just throw two songs together.. no, you need AT LEAST three. Well, take three big bangers by two huge DJs and you get the titular masterpiece by Steep. Take a listen, you’ll like it. Another insane song I found on soundcloud is Stand Up (Meth Smoke [...]

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There’s a decent amount of dubstep comin out of New Zealand these days, and while it’s fairly different from the bangers coming from the UK, this shit’s pretty bomb. I’m sure everyone by now has heard of Mt. Eden with their huuuge track Sierra Leon, and if you like the chilled-out style give the rest [...]

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Thought with my first post here I would share a few of my favourite tech house tracks at this moment. Hopefully you’ll enjoy! The picture above was taken at Club Amnesia which is on the island of Ibiza. [ viagra online 50mgs | viagra aus usa | viagra india | link online suggest viagra | [...]

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I love Sweet Shop by Doctor P and many of it’s mixes, but never actually gave the original much of a listen until it was put out on the new MoS dubstep album. That said, it’s sick! Doctor P is pretty dope in general, so I’ve included a couple of his other tracks as well [...]

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This is a little different from what I usually listen to, but I’ve been following Trent Reznor’s new group for some time, and today they released a 6 song EP free to download, with the option of paying $2 for lossless format and HD video extras. The EP is certainly interesting, I’m not exactly sure [...]

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DubFreaks has released a second FREE ep titled Freaks of Nature as a follow up to the recently released ep Never Trust a DJ Who Can’t Dance It’s a little bit harder dubstep, a little dirtier than you would find on the Ministry of Sound dubstep or other big releases, so it may not be [...]

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So I’m about a month late posting this, but the new Ministry of Sound dubstep album is great. Having a chance to listen to it repeatedly I’ve got to say this is going to be a big album this summer, with some huge club bangers. Lots of variety, some of it quite out there (as [...]

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This past weekend was pretty fun filled, went to see Boys Noize at The Commodore on Friday, sandwiched in between visits to VENUE and followed with a trip up the stairs  to Gorgamish… Hours of dancing for all. A laid back Sunday ended up turning into a search for new music, a fruitful search it [...]

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I’ve got myself setup in a new office in Gastown, loving the atmosphere around here and the space is sweet. You can expect more frequent updates as I’ve got a crazy internet connection that takes about 2 seconds to upload a song. Also switched hosting for the uploads over to the Amazon S3 so everything [...]

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A local producer that goes by Jobatone sent me his EP today and I thought it has a good sound and beat so I’m putting it up here for everyone to check out. Good variety in the tracks, Circles kind of reminds me of a mau5track. MySpace – Let me know what you think, [...]

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I first heard a Classix mix of Shiny Toy Guns’ Starts With One on their Remix album… Great mix. Then I’ll Get you came on the Ministry of Sound’s The Annual 2010. Classixx is coming to Venue on May 23, 2010!!! Get your tickets online here! Here’s a couple tracks, check it out, SUNDAY FUNDAY [...]

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A new track from Deadmau5, this is sooooo good. [ cheap canadian viagra | canadian healthcare viagra sales | viagra online ordering | female viagra cream | viagra pharmacy | buy levitra online viagra | viagra pfizer online | buying viagra without perscription | tadalafil cialis no prescription | viagra on line | generic viagra [...]

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I needed to get out of the city and come up to Whistler, looks to be a gorgeous day. Can’t complain, and for some reason made me want to post up some new music, so that’s good news for you guys. I’ve been a bit on the D.L. for the past month or so, there [...]

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Two of my great friends have their birthdays this weekend… After a month of hiding from downtown after the 2010 Olympics, I figured it was time to catch up on some partying and break out some new tracks from the interwebs… This is a pretty diverse mix of hip-hop/mashup/electro-dance so check it out and let [...]


Last night deadmau5 was announced as the final show for Alvaro/Blueprint’s INK HOUSE series of events at Gossip Nightclub in Vancouver, BC for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games! Tickets: I figured it was ABSOLUTELY necessary to put up a few mau5tracks to make sure everyone was exposed to the trueeee mau5 and not just [...]


Yet again, it has been a while since I’ve had time to update the blog. I’ve got a few new tracks that I’m really enjoying, and thought you may as well. Check them out, party hard, it is going to be a crazyyy couple weeks!!! [ purchase sildenafil citrate | sildenafil citrate 100mg plus | [...]

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OK I’m back… I guess life got busy, and there hasn’t been much time to update the blog, but my iTunes has been filling up in the Recently Added with lots of great new/newly discovered tunes… Time to share a few! Enjoy! [ online viagra gel to buy | purchase viagra | how much is [...]

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Armin van Buuren released the A State of Trance 2009 on December 31. I’ve listened to it a few times and have chosen a few tracks that I think are pretty great. This isn’t the usual dance electro that makes it up here, but is worthy of a listen while doing homework, work, or just [...]